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Nexus Healthinsta is a leading provider of Health care service in India, with 100+ employee 10 Branches all across the India. Nexus Healthinsta provides compassionate, high-quality care by providing doctors, Nurses, and Physiotherapist, for Home visit.We aspire to make primary healthcare not only more accessible, but also more economical and accountable to our patients' needs.

Critical Care

Healing takes place best at home. Patients who are no longer in the initial stages of their illness but still need intense care can use Nexus Home services.

ICU@Home services include highly qualified critical care therapists, experts, and nurses providing treatment and monitoring at a fraction of the cost of a hospital stay. Our clinical methods were created in collaboration with recognized experts and major hospitals to ensure the best level of medical care. We can make critical care at home a great option for the patient and her family in six ways.

When someone requires long-term ICU care, many doctors recommend that it be delivered at home, if at all possible, if no active interventions are required. The patient is happier at home, and recovery can take place without the risk of catching an infection from the hospital. This is also more cost-effective for the families, as such care at home is at least 30% less expensive than being hospitalized. We've supplied this service to a significant proportion of patients with respiratory or neurological diseases that require more time to recover and needs regular device assistance as well as specialized nursing care.


The term "home nursing care" refers to a variety of medical services that can be delivered in the comfort of your own house. Home care nursing services are typically less expensive than hospitals and nursing homes, while providing medical care that is equivalent to that provided in a hospital or nursing home.

An in-home nursing service provides customized nursing care at home, similar to what is offered in a hospital, but with more kindness for the patient, integration into the patient's family, and the advancement of an emotional link with the patient and family.

Nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, among others, provide home care nursing services. As a result, you do not need to be worried about the quality of service provided by the home nurse.

Nursing attendant assist patients with their everyday schedule. They provide emotional support. They are not, however, permitted to perform any medical treatments. Caregivers, assist care, old patient care, caretaker, and aiding in everyday tasks are some of the specialties available.

Elder Care

Elderly care, also known as elder care, is a type of specialized care designed to fulfil the unique needs and wants of senior adults. Elder care is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of services such as assisted living, nursing care, adult daycare, and in-home care. Although old age in and of itself is not a cause for concern, a considerable proportion of elderly people still reside with their families, and their care is shared among them. However, in today's world, most family members work and are unable to provide adequate attention and care to their elderly seniors, necessitating the use of dependable and effective eldercare services.

When your health begins to fail and you become increasingly reliant on others for your everyday activities, growing old may be a challenging experience. The elderly demand the most attention and compassion at this time. The significance of adequate senior care cannot be stressed, since they, too, deserve to be treated with dignity. Although modern life's restraints may not always allow people to care for their older relatives, they can always rely on proper elderly home care services to keep their lives running smoothly.

Nexus Healthinsta offers a complete healthcare solution to meet all of your elderly needs. Our Care Plans are tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Rest assured that you will have a dedicated Health Manager assigned to you who will ensure that all of your healthcare needs are met. We also provide you with services like doctor visits, diagnostic services, nurses, trained attendants, equipment, physiotherapy, and nutrition through this package.


Physiotherapy, often known as physical therapy, is an associated health profession that uses biomechanics or kinesiology, muscle relaxation, exercise therapy, and electrical stimulation to assist patients in regaining, maintaining, and improving their range of motion, endurance, and performance, because they have a deeper understanding of how the body functions and are educated in clinical skills to analyze, evaluate, and treat problems, physiotherapists are better able to assist patients in regaining mobility. Physiotherapists can assist patients with a variety of ailments and limitations, including back pain, neck discomfort, knee pain, and ligament problems.

Benefits of Physiotherapy?

Over time, physiotherapy has proven to be beneficial in assisting patients in regaining their health and improving their physical strength, function, and mobility. Our physiotherapists will start visiting you and conduct physiotherapy at your house to improve your physiotherapy treatment. Doing physiotherapy at home has a number of advantages.

  • Allows for comfort
  • Provides individualized care
  • Increases the speed of the recovery period
  • There are no concerns with movement.
  • Time management is improved.
  • Budget-friendly
Home Doctor Consultations

You'll almost certainly need to see a doctor for a regular checkup, periodic fever, acute diseases, long term illness, and other reasons. We are often physically unfit and choose to stay at home, making even a trip to the doctor seem like an uphill climb. If given the choice, we would prefer to have a doctor come to us rather than us having to go to him.

Why You Need Doctors at Your Step?

Doctor-consultations are a great choice for those who are incapable of visiting hospitals/clinics, due to chronic illness, oldage or any other medical reason. The services offered at Nexus Healthinsta:

1.General Checkup

Do you get monthly, quarterly or annual checkups done? Do you have to go and wait at the hospital, despite of your severe health condition? Facing such issues, Nexus Health Care is here for you! We provide General Health Checkups at your doorstep, with best of doctors in town. Give a call at Nexus Health Care and be rest assured about your family’s health.

2.Post Hospitalization Cardiac Care

After an openheart surgery or any heart related treatment, it is efficient to take proper rest and care at the comfort of your home, as it is a critical period for heart patients. If appropriate care and medication are not followed, a lot can go wrong. Doctors and allied health professionals are available to assist you at this difficult time, bringing the best of health care to your door. So, with our in-home doctor service, let us relieve you of your anxieties.

3.Diabetic Care

Monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels on a regular basis is mandatory for a diabetic patient. Apart from that, every three months, a doctor's consultation is required. So, instead of making the long trip to the doctor's office and waiting for your turn, book a doctor's appointment with us. A doctor with a lot of experience will help you with your diet and drugs.

4.Home-Based Oncological Care

The time period when someone in your family is detected with cancer, we understand how sensitive that situation can be. To assist you during this difficult time, we will do everything possible to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. So don't wait, to obtain oncology care and counselling from an experienced doctor in the comfort of your own home.

5.Ortho Care

Many ortho patients are unable to move properly, are unable to leave their homes, and live a confined lifestyle. So, those who are suffering from orthopedic diseases such as fractures, joint replacements, spinal deformities, arthritis, and so on, a doctor's home visit service will be extremely beneficial.Book an appointment using the Nexus Health Care website, and we'll send one of the greatest doctors to your home to help you get rid of your pain using a variety of home-based health care services.

6.Covid Care

"COVID Defence," a specially designed offering from Nexus Medical, India's leading home healthcare service provider, is a specially built service to help apartment or gated societies manage COVID inside the community in a much secure, attainable, and inexpensive way.


  • Book An Appointment with us.
  • Discuss your symptoms with a certified doctor on a call
  • Get your samples collected at your home step by a clinician
  • The sample would be tested in a reputed and licensed lab.
  • Get hand on your report within 48-72 hours.

Pre & Post Pregnancy Care

You can count on us to provide you with complete neonatal care and post-partum care through our newborn child care service, which is provided by a highly trustworthy, kind, and well-trained caretaker. Our caregivers are all moms;therefore, they are well-versed in new-born infant care and post-delivery care. Our Mother Baby programme offers a variety of services, including:

1. Pre-natalcare

Prenatal care refers to the medical attention you receive while you are pregnant. Regular checkups and prenatal testing are also included. Prenatal care can help you and your baby stay healthy during your pregnancy. It allows your doctor to detect health problems early on. Many problems can be cured or prevented with early therapy.

2. New baby born care

A newborn baby is extremely vulnerable and requires extra attention and care. During this time, a new mother's struggles are common. Our caretakers are specially educated to provide new born baby care, as well as assist with lactation, massages, and postnatal exercises, to assist the new mother in caring for her baby. Therefore simply, just schedule a new born infant care service with us and relax while we take care of every aspect.

3. Post-partum care

Many new mothers experience clinical depression after the energising childbirth process. Massage and emotional support may aid the mother's recovery and pleasure of parenthood. The new mother's recovery will be greatly aided by post-operative and post-delivery care. So, if you're looking for expert support for your mother, this programme is for you.



What is Home Healthcare?
Why Nexus Healthinsta ?

Nexus Healthinsta established in 2014 is well equipped with the best nurses & doctors to provide world class services. Our safety standards ensure that we take extra precautions at every phase to ensure the patient's security and wellbeing.

How to connect with us?

You can directly Connect with us through website, directly calling our representative, or by email address.

Where does Nexus Healthinsta provide services?

Nexus Home Healthinsta services are available in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

What kind of services do we provide?

We provide home health care services, corporate health care & institutional medical care.

What to expect from your initial home visit?

Once you book an appointment with us, we share the service with our medical professional. Then our Medical officer and patient care coordinator take a visit to the patient’s house and evaluate the environment of the house and make necessary changed according to the service asked. Forms are filled for further processes and then the equipment are delivered to the home according to the service. On the day of the start of service our medical professional reaches the patient’s house with proper medical kit and patient’s medical history and paperwork.

How to make sure if the nurses and doctors are certified?

Complete detail of our associated Doctors and Nurses are provided after you make the booking. It may include the background verification, mobile number, experience, age, gender and their area of expertise.

What to do in case of emergency?

Nexus at home does not provide private emergency assistance. In case you have any emergency, please contact 108 or visit the nearest hospital.

How to make payments?

Here, at nexus Healthinsta while making an appointment you have to make an advance payment of the service. We accept payments by cheques, bank transfer, NEFT, UPI transfer, debit & Credit cards.

How to view or cancel my booking?

You can go to your account on the website and view your bookings and cancel via the same. You can also directly call the customer representative for any such queries.

Can I get lab tests and medicines delivered at home?

Yes, of course! Generally, after a Home Doctor visit, the doctor will prescribe medications and, if necessary, a lab test. For lab tests, home sample collection will be collected, and you will be able to complete them from the comfort of your own home. Medications will be provided the same day if they are accepted.

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